An Introductory Guide to our Skellig Island Tours

Skellig Island Tours

Skellig Islands are located off the southern coast of Ireland. There are 2 islands; Skellig Michael and Little Skellig; that offer a wealth of natural beauty. They are a treasure and filled with hidden gems, wonderful wildlife, historical significance, and mesmerising views. 

Here at Skellig Coast Adventures we whisk you away to experience these breathtaking landscapes and give you experiences both on boat and land giving you the opportunity to discover this captivating world that is Skellig Island and an unforgettable experience. 

Within this post you will learn about the island and why it is so stunning; the different ways you can visit the island and how you reach the island via one of our amazing sea bound vessels.

Stunning Skellig Island

A UNESCO World Heritage site; Skellig Michael; the larger of the two islands and is famous for its monastic settlement accessed by historical steps on the steep cliffs. This monastic site consists of stone beehive huts and terraced garden as well as being home to an abundance of wildlife; stunning scenery and fresh open air.  

Little Skellig; an uninhabited island is a breeding ground to a vast colony of gannets that occupy the rocky cliffs; creating a cinematic view; a stunning experience for wildlife and bird lovers. Skellig Island is of historical significance and also ecological importance so access is carefully regulated. Preserving this natural beauty, prioritising eco-friendly practices and respecting the local ecosystems is key and very important to Skellig Coast Adventures therefore we follow responsible landing procedures and prioritise conservation efforts to ensure this preservation. 

Both islands offer rugged cliffs and landscapes, rocky formations, amazing wildlife, beautiful seas surrounding them and breathtaking views. We promise a unique, captivating and awe-inspiring experience. 

Exploring Our Enchanted Tours

Our Landing tours offer you the chance to experience the islands both from boat and on foot; touching down in places only a very few have done previously. Experienced tours guide you expertly through this uninhabited island; offering in depth knowledge on its history, cultural relevance and importance, its wildlife habitats and the seas beyond; all the way to the top of the island. Immerse yourself on the island and its surrounding seas and learn and experience why this natural beauty is so very special. 

Our Eco experience gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of these islands and be environmentally conscious at the same time as these are tours via boat. Our boating vessels allow you to drink the scenery; the stunning scenery; rugged cliffs and mesmerising wildlife and sea life; that can only be witnessed via our vessels. Our eco-friendly tours are for smaller group sizes; preserving the tranquillity of the island and offering minimal disturbance to the animals and wildlife allowing a deep connection with the nature and scenery around us whilst we are on the boat.

Our Enchanting Sea Bound Vessels

What is so charming about our tours is that we have a fleet of 4 vessels; all with their own personality; offering a unique experience for you; adding to your experience of Skellig Island. Below we learn about our vessels and why they add to the beauty of the experience. 

The Skellig Walker is a large vessel created to maximise the views of the island and sea with both indoor and outdoor seating. Kav; the skipper has over 40 years’ experience and is so knowledgeable about the islands. Pat the skipper of Ursula Mary has over 30 years’ experience and ensures a memorable trip using her extensive knowledge and experience. 

Celtic Victor is owned by Donal McCrohan; an extremely experienced operator having crewed on his family vessel from an early age. The Deva is an 11m vessel whose captain is called Jamie Duff. The Deva seats 12 people; ideal for dolphin and whale watching as well as viewing the many sea birds and cliffs.

If you want to learn more about exploring Skellig Michael, Little Skellig and their surrounding seas; book your adventure directly via our website.

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