Commonly Asked Questions About our Skellig Michael Tours

Home to a Christian monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and featuring in the Star Wars Franchise, Skellig Michael is one of the most spectacular locations to visit. Seeing this wondrous island up close and personal is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will live long in your memory. 

At Skellig Coast Adventures, we are a first-class boat tour operator taking visitors to Skellig Michael and giving them unforgettable experiences. To make things a little easier, our team has put together a short, informative post below that answers a few of the most frequently asked questions about Skellig Michael tours. 

Read below to learn more, and if you want to book a tour, go to the Skellig Coast Adventures website today. 

When do the Tours Run?

At Skellig Coast Adventures, we operate two tours – the Eco Tour and the Landing Tour. The Eco Tour season begins in April and finishes in the beginning of October. The Landing Tour starts from mid May and finishes at the end of September. There will be no Skellig Michael landing tours running outside of these dates, so if you’d like to experience the magic of Skellig islands, you need to book a tour within these time periods. 

What is the Cancellation Policy?

Should you decide to cancel your reservation earlier than 14 days in advance of your tour’s departure time, then Skellig Coast Adventures will provide you with a full refund. If you cancel with less than 14 days until the departure time, or in the event of a no-show, then there will be no refund given. We also reserve the right to change the departure time, and should this happen, then our team will give you prior notice of this. In unique circumstances such as dangerous sea conditions, we may need to cancel a tour – if this occurs, then you’ll receive a complete refund. 

Do I Need to Book my Tour in Advance?

Such is the popularity of our Skellig Michael Tours, that we highly recommend for you to book in advance. Whether you are going on the Skellig Landing Tour or the Skellig Eco Tour, you should book early so as not to miss out and be disappointed. To make your booking, visit our website today – it’s as easy as just a few simple steps.

Do I Need to Bring or Wear Anything?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is about clothing and what visitors should bring with themselves on the tour. We recommend that all visitors wear warm, comfortable clothing and have proper walking shoes on. Both of these will ensure that you feel pleasant and relaxed whilst you’re on the tour. Alongside this, we also advise you to bring light rain gear in backpacks too, in case the weather isn’t nice on the day. Furthermore, you should pack something to eat, as well as bring water and sunscreen with you too.

Book Skellig Michael Tours today

Now that a number of common questions have been answered, if you’d like to proceed with booking a Skellig Michael Tour, then head to the Skellig Coast Adventures website today. You can book our Skellig Landing Tour and Skellig Coast Eco Tour by using the online booking system on our site. It’s incredibly easy-to-use, and you’ll find all the extra information you need to help you make your booking – such as cost, itinerary, departure times and much more. 

With five-star reviews for our Skellig Michael Tours from previous visitors, you’re sure to have an incredible time. We have four excellent vessels you can travel on, including the Celtic Victor, Deva, Skellig Walker, and Ursula Mary. For any more information about this astonishing location, or our tours, check out our website today.

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