Explore the Beauty of the Skellig Islands and Tour these Stunning Landmarks

Skellig Islands and Tour these Stunning Landmarks

The Skellig Islands are hidden gems. They are made up of 2 separate islands; Skellig Michael and Little Skellig. They are both remote islands far from anywhere and are both unique in their own way. Picture rugged cliffs and rock formations; both breeding grounds for wildlife and birds; including puffins and kittiwakes and there is the largest colony of gannets found on Little Skellig.  

If you dream of exploring eye watering islands, that will take your breath away then these are the ideal islands for you. We offer two different Skellig Island visit experiences and ways to explore these islands. Landing Tours and Eco Tours. Both tours will give you the most wonderful, wholesome experience in 2 different ways. In this post, we will introduce you to both the Landing and Eco Tours and the beauty of both options. 

Wild Eco Experience – A Wealth of Wildlife and Wild Scenery 

Do you want to experience the natural beauty of the Skellig Islands whilst minimising the impact on our environment? If the answer is yes then our famous Skellig Eco tour is for you. You can simply immerse yourself in the natural beauty of these islands; creating memorable yet environmentally conscious experiences whilst touring the islands via boat and enveloping the beautiful scenery.

Our boats tour the island’s coastlines taking in the stunning scenery and giving you the chance to admire the landscapes, rugged cliffs and marine wildlife and perhaps even spotting a bottlenose dolphin along the way. Preserving the tranquillity of the island and minimal disturbance to the animals and wildlife is incredibly important to us so our Eco tours offer smaller group sizes enhancing the feeling of exploring and allowing a deep connection with the nature and scenery around us whilst we are on the boat. 

Our Eco tours provide opportunities to learn about the history of the islands and you will learn about how Skellig Island was home to Luke Skywalker in the film Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Lemon Rock; located next to Little Skellig made an appearance in a Harry Potter film; both connections elevating the island’s allure. 

Landing Tours Experience – A Blend of Boat-Bound and on Foot Exploration

Our Landing tour gives you the chance to step foot on these unique, remote and stunning islands off the coasts of Ireland. Your tour is a combination of boat bound sightseeing and, on the ground, exploration, stepping off the boat in locations on the island where few have been before. Our Landing Tours are an amazing way to experience the awe-inspiring natural beauty and historical islands via both boat and on foot.  

One of the most amazing features that our Landing Tours offer is direct success to Skellig Michael. We can step foot on the island and explore away learning about, walking amongst and viewing the craftsmanship of the monks that lived there centuries ago. Venturing up steps to a monastery and hermitage that was built by the monks of St, Finian and then taking a pause and a moment to enjoy.

Be inspired by the solitude; the wildlife that inhabits the islands and the beautiful sea that surrounds them. Observing the birds that call Skellig Michael home is not something to be missed. Discovering magnificent puffins and kittiwakes in their natural habitat is just stunning and something that will remain in your heart forever. 

Book a Remarkable and Fulfilling tour with Skellig Coast Adventures

Islands visits; be that by boat or on foot offer you an amazing adventure and experience; combining stunning natural landscapes, history, wildlife and the most breathtaking views. If you are keen to learn more about how you can join us on these opportunities to immerse yourselves in the islands and their beauty; you can book directly online today.

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