skellig michael landing tour

skellig michael landing tour

The Skellig Michael landing tour is a truly unique, once in a lifetime experience. Skellig Michael is a UNESCO World Heritage site and renowned tourist attraction that is steeped in history both past and present. The monastery and hermitage built by the monks of St. Finian inspire solitude and contemplation; the wildlife that inhabits the islands and the waters that surround them instil a strong connection to this unique place and its importance in the natural world.

As part of the landing tour, visitors will get the chance to disembark the vessel and climb the famous steps of Skellig Michael. When you step foot on the island you will be met by the O.P.W (Office of Public Works) From there you will be expertly guided to the top. Our fleet consists of 4 vessels, The Skellig Walker, Ursula Mary, Celtic Victor and The Deva. We have an expert tour guide who will bring the trip to life for you. You will be told the history and stories of the Skellig Coast while learning all about the wildlife that call the Skellig Coast home.

Our vessels will depart Portmagee Marina between 8.30 a.m and 9.30 a.m. All excursions are weather dependent, and we advise that you check in half an hour prior to departure. We will keep you up to date with departure times and weather information to ensure all customers are aware of the sea conditions.

The Skellig Michael landing tour requires a reasonable level of fitness and we advise customers to wear appropriate clothes and footwear. Skellig Michael is situated 11.6 km (7.2 miles) west of Valentia Island and transit time is approx. 1 hour.

The cost of the landing tour is €120 p.p plus a non refundable booking fee of €5.00 p.p.

We provide shelter from the weather, inside seating and life jackets which must be worn on board at all times. For safety reasons, passengers under the age of 10 are not permitted on this cruise.

Tour Details:

  • Arrive at Portmagee Marina half an hour before departure.
  • Depart Portmagee Marina between 8.00 am and 10.0 am. (Departure times depend on landing slot)
  • Land at Skellig Michael where visitors are met by the Office of Public Work. (OPW)
  • Visitors climb the 640 steps to the top, and a guide will provide information on the history of the island and the monastic settlements. Visitors are allowed 2.5 hours on the island.
  • Return to Skellig Michael pier and board your vessel.
  • Tour around Little Skellig and observe the magnificent wildlife creatures that are home to the Skellig Coast.
  • The total trip time is approximately 5 hours.
  • Depart your vessel and enjoy the rest of your day.

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