The Various Vessels You Can Travel on to Skellig Michael

Skellig Michael is truly an incredible place to visit. As an island, it’s steeped in history and full of amazing wildlife such as puffins, gannets and grey seals. Every year, thousands of people make the trip to Skellig Michael to see these glorious species, as well as take in the early Christian monastery which dates back to the 6th century. 

If you’re interested in visiting this magical island, then you can do so on a tour with Skellig Coast Adventures. We are a leading boat tour operator with more than five decades of experience behind us. Below, our team has written a post that explores the different vessels you can travel on when you come on one of our Skellig Michael tours. 

Read on to learn more, and if you’d like to proceed with booking your adventure to this world heritage site – visit our website today. 

The Celtic Victor

Proudly owned by Donal McCrohan, who is a second-generation boat operator with a family background in the Skelligs of more than 40 years, the Celtic Victor is one of our main vessels for travelling to the island. Donal has skippered a number of vessels over the years, and since 2005, the Celtic Victor has continued to safely and comfortably transport visitors to this breathtaking location. Any time you travel on the Celtic Victor, you can be assured of complete safety, enjoyment and a memorable experience. 

The Skellig Walker

Another vessel that provides a superb travel experience to the Skellig Michael island is the specially-built Skellig Walker, which is a 38ft Cygnus Typhoon. It was intricately planned and constructed by Murphy Marine Services on Valentia Island. The design process prioritised comfort and safety of passengers, so you’ll be sure to have a pleasant time on this vessel. It comes with internal and external seating, so everyone on-board will be able to travel comfortably. Finally, it’s skippered by Kav, who has accumulated nearly forty years of experience, so you’ll be in very safe hands throughout. 

The Deva

The Deva is an impressive 11-metre vessel which comes fitted with sheltered seating for up to twelve passengers. Skippered by Jamie Duff, the Deva also has transparent coverings which can be zipped up on nice days, allowing on-board passengers to have an authentic outdoor experience. This means closely watching for dolphins, whales and basking sharks, getting as near to them as possible. During your time on the Deva, the deckhand will always be available to answer any questions you have. Furthermore, the Deva has facilities with a marine toilet for passenger use and various regulatory safety items too. 

The Ursula Mary

Operated by Pat O’Neill, the Ursula Mary is the last of our wonderful range of Skellig Michael vessels. Pat has been professionally taking visitors to the island for more than three decades, always with a strong commitment to delivering the very best experience possible. With years of knowledge and experience of the local area, you’ll be in the company of a true expert on this vessel. Overall, the entire crew will ensure that you’re looked after, and get to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience of this stunning environment. 

Interested in Skellig Island Boat Trips?

If you want to visit Skellig Michael and experience all the magic that this wondrous, sensational place has to offer, then Skellig Coast Adventures is the boat tour operator to choose. Every one of our vessels provides a first-class time from beginning to end, giving you memories for many years to come. To make your booking for one of our tours, please visit our website today. 

You’ll be able to choose from two tours – Skellig Landing tour and Skellig Coast Eco tour, and you can choose a time and date convenient for you. Should you need any more information, then take a look at our website where you can see all the additional information about vessels, tours, our FAQs and much more. We look forward to seeing you soon. 

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