What you Can Expect on a Day Trip to Skellig Michael Island

Skellig Michael Island

If you’re an adventurer looking for an unforgettable day trip, why not visit Skellig Michael off the coast of County Kerry in Ireland? Skellig Michael is an ancient monastic site and UNESCO World Heritage Site steeped in history, mystery and stunning natural beauty. 

A day trip to Skellig Michael is a must for any traveller looking to experience the best of Ireland’s west coast; from the stunning seascapes to the ancient ruins, a day trip to Skellig Michael is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

We want to share with you what to expect when you visit the island on our Skellig Michael Landing Tour, and what makes a day trip to the island so unforgettable. If you’re thinking of booking a trip to Skellig Michael, visit our website for further information on our day trips.

Bring Food, Drinks and Waterproof Clothing

One of the first things to mention that you need to think of before even setting off for your adventure to Skellig Michael is your food, drinks and clothing. There are no shops or cafes on the island, so make sure to bring food, snacks and water to stay energised and hydrated whilst exploring the island. Make sure to wear appropriate clothing and footwear that you’ll be comfortable walking around in, and bring some waterproof clothing just in case it starts to rain whilst you’re outside. 

Depart Portmagee Marina

You set off to Portmagee Marina, with departure times depending on the landing slot, but usually you’ll be departing between 8am and 10am from our marina. Our fleet consists of 4 vessels; The Skellig Walker, Ursula Mary, Celtic Victor, and The Deva. You need to arrive half an hour before we depart, and you’ll be ready for your adventure to start. The transit time to Skellig Michael takes around an hour, and during your journey to the island you can expect to see some stunning wildlife and scenery.

Land at Skellig Michael

Upon reaching Skellig Michael, you’ll disembark the vessel and get to explore the island and be met by the OPW (Office of Public Works), who will advise you on the ascent and once you reach the monastery, you will be met by a guide who will outline the history and heritage of the site. They will bring your trip to life, and share with you the history and stories of the coast and the island itself. You’ll get the opportunity to climb the 640 steps to the top and enjoy around 2 and a half hours on the island and get to see everything that it has to offer. 

Tour Around Little Skellig

Once finished, you’ll get back on your vessel and be taken on a tour around Little Skellig. This is the smaller of the two Skellig Islands, and although you can’t land on it and walk around you can see its beauty from the water. You can observe the magnificent wildlife and see all of the creatures that call the Skellig Coast their home, before departing back to shore. In total, the trip time will be around 5 hours.

Want to Book your Trip to Skellig Michael with Skellig Coast Adventures?

We provide truly unique experiences with our Skellig Michael Landing Tour – and you can enjoy all of the beauty, wildlife and history that the island brings to its visitors. This tour is a fully immersive experience, where you will get to travel on one of our vessels, disembark, and explore the island alongside our tour guide as well as get to see all of the beautiful views and wildlife from the sea. 

Or if you’d prefer to see all of the nature and beauty that Skellig Michael has to offer by boat, you might like our Skellig Eco Tour. During this tour, you don’t land on Skellig Michael, but you get to take in all of the majestic scenery from the vessel. This trip is ideal for those who want to enjoy the stunning scenery and wildlife around the islands, rather than walking up the island’s steps. 
Whichever trip you choose with us, we guarantee that you’ll have an amazing experience on the islands with us. If you’d like to go ahead and book your trip to Skellig Michael, then just visit our website and use our online booking tool. Here you can schedule your trip, and begin to get excited about exploring everything that this stunning island has to offer.

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