Why Skellig Boat Trips Are So Popular

There are so many breathtaking places here in Ireland and the Skellig islands are considered to be a must-visit destination when you’re staying on the Emerald Isle. There are lots of different ways you can see Skellig Michael and Little Skellig, but booking a boat trip is undeniably the best way to experience everything the Skellig coast has to offer. 

At Skellig Coast Adventures, we have two boat tour options available to choose from; an eco tour that will last approximately 2 hours and involves experiencing the beautiful scenery from the sea, and a landing tour that will last approximately 5 hours and involves disembarking the vessel and walking around Skellig Michael. Both of these boat trips are really popular amongst locals and tourists alike, and it’s definitely worth booking a Skellig tour. Some of the main reasons why you should visit this famous pair of islands include;

See the Skellig islands from a different perspective

Both of the Skellig islands are only accessible by boat and getting on one of our vessels, whether this is our The Skellig Walker, Celtic Victor, Ursula Mary or The Deva, is the best way to see them up close and personal. Whilst sailing around the islands, you can sit back, relax and take in the majestic scenery of the Skellig coast.

In addition to experiencing the Skellig islands, you will also get to see the Kerry Cliffs and Valentia Harbour on our boat tours. You will have the opportunity to experience lots of incredible parts of Ireland that have made their way to the big screen more than once.

Learn all about the history of Skellig Michael

During your Skellig island visit, an expert tour guide will bring the trip to life. They will tell you all about the history of the Skellig coast and you can enjoy listening to the many stories that have been passed down through generations. 

When you step foot on Skellig Michael you will be met by the O.P.W and not only will they immerse you in the folklore of the islands, but you will also learn about the monastery and hermitage built by the monks of St. Finian. Skellig Michael is a UNESCO World Heritage site and it really is steeped in history, so you won’t get bored during your visit. 

Immerse yourself in the wonder of the Skellig coast

The wildlife that inhabits the Skellig islands and the waters that surround them is one of the main reasons why so many people book boat trips. Whether you go on a boat tour or a landing tour, you will get to see an abundance of wildlife in its natural habitat. 

Both of the Skellig islands are known for being home to a wealth of birdlife and you will get to see puffins and gannets during your tour. The wildlife in the seas of the Atlantic Ocean surrounding the islands won’t disappoint either. Not only will you see seals and bottlenose dolphins, but you might even get lucky and spot a humpback whale. 

Climb the famous steps of Skellig Michael

Once you land on Skellig Michael, the O.P.W will expertly guide you to the top of the rocks where you can take in the panoramic views. The steps you climb made an appearance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and you will be walking in the footsteps of characters that are known and loved across the world. 

To make the 640 steps to the top, you will need to have a reasonable level of fitness, but the view from the top is definitely worth the walk. You will be allowed 2.5 hours on the island, so you can make the most of this once in a lifetime experience. 

Booking a Skellig boat trip

It is easy to see why Skellig boat trips are so popular and if you’re interested in booking a truly unique experience, explore the rest of the Skellig Coast Adventures website today. You can find out everything you need to know about our eco tour and landing tour on our site, and you can decide which would be best for you to book. 

Regardless of which Skellig boat trip you choose, booking couldn’t be more straightforward and you can arrange your tour quickly and easily via our website. Click the ‘book your adventure today’ button at the top of our website and simply select the tour you’d like to book as well as the dates you’re interested in visiting the islands. We can assure you that you will have an incredible time when you book your Skellig boat trip with us at Skellig Coast Adventures.

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